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Gluten-Free a la Francais

Gluten-Free a la Francais

We are just returned from a fantastic trip to France and Italy.  I took 477 photos in 14 days! 

Previously I posted about the gluten-free foods I would be taking with us, so that Sunshine and I would be able to eat.  But, I was also on the look-out for what I could buy in Europe as I have read that they are rather more aware of gluten-intolerance than in the U.S.  We found an organic store (really similar to a vitamin/health food store here) that had quite a large selection of gluten-free products.  I bought a couple of loaves of bread made by Gluta Bye that was especially good.  The ingredients weren’t any different than what we use, but the bread was superior to anything I have purchased here.

Also, Schar – the brand shown above, had some excellent peach filled cupcakes (they really reminded me of a fancy, fruit filled twinkie).  The crackers in the photo were the perfect compliment to Nutella, certainly as good as French Bread.  I saw regular versions of the crackers in the grocery stores and they looked just the same as the gluten-free version.  I will be checking to see if I can get Schar locally or on-line.

As for the items I took with us – We didn’t use the pasta or the flour, but everything else was consumed.

As soon as the photos are organized, I’ll post a picture of the most decadent, gluten-free desert we enjoyed!

For now, after two weeks of no baking, I’m in the mood to bake a clafoutis!


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Sunshine graduates from 8th Grade tonight!  Ten years at the same school (she started there for pre-k) passes sooooo quickly.  There will be speeches, flowers, probably some tears, and . . . cake.  Now I couldn’t let her attend her own graduation ceremony and not be able to eat cake could I?

 Gluten-Free Lemon Ring Cake

This is the Lemon Ring Cake from The Gluten-Free Gourmet Makes Dessert.  I’ve made it several times before and it is a delicious cake.  I made it just the way the cookbook says, so I won’t write out the recipe here.  Just a note, I used Sans Gluten, S’il Vous Plait!  All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour Mix.

Gluten-Free Graduation Cake

Happy Graduation Sunshine, I love you!

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