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Cheers! More Aprons!

Ruffle Apron

Ruffle Apron

I needed to get the sewing machine out of the dining room, so I had to finish the apron I started last week!  Here it is on Sunshine. 

No Baking today, actually no cooking, I just threw a salad together to go with the Turkey Enchiladas I made ahead for tonight.  Cheerleader is performing at the Boys’ Basketball game tonight, so dinner is haphazard as I want to go watch her.

Good thing I like sewing!  Sunshine is participating in a small time cheering event for a school competition and we found out last night that none of the skirts fit any of the girls.  Guess I’ll be making 6 cheer skirts in the next week or so.

I did make some delicious drop scones last night, Blueberry Drop Scones, from the Sans Gluten, S’il Vous Plait! Muffin and Scone book.  They were just what I needed with the Hamhock & Navy Bean Soup.

I’m going to try an Asian Noodle recipe again this weekend (it didn’t go too well last time I tried).  Depending on the results, I will post the recipe here afterward.  Stay tuned. . .


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Happy New Year!

I am in a thoughtful frame of mind today, good for firming up my New Year’s Resolutions.  Two important ones this year — Living a more green life, and financially supporting a drop-in center for Thai street kids trapped in the sex trade.

First, one small step toward living a more green life — use the clothes dryer less.  Actually, I have been working at this for a while, but today I realized that I could be doing a much better job.  I am really good at hanging clothes out during the summer, but though I try in the winter, I am less successful.  I decided today to purchase a rod to hang above the washer and dryer in the half-bathroom and start being more consistent about hanging clothes to dry.  I hesitated for a moment about the rod, wondering if it would destroy the beauty of my bathroom (!), but realized that on laundry day right now, I usually have several bras and spaghetti strap tops drying on the bathroom doorknob; 2-4 t-shirts and at least one pair of socks (why do I own cashmere socks?) hanging on the 15″ towel rack; and 2-3 sweaters and more t-shirts either spread out on top of the washer and dryer (which then need moved each time I start another load) or spread out on the floor of my bedroom; plus I regularly have shirts, skirts, or pants on hangers, hanging off the door trim of various bedrooms.  How could a rod installed in the bathroom be anything other than an aesthetic improvement?  Also, I believe that having a rod and hangers handy will make me more likely to hang more clothes, thereby saving energy and prolonging the life and beauty of our clothes.

Second.  Our friends who were home briefly from Thailand told me about visiting the Fr. Ray Foundation drop-in center for street kids in Pattaya Thailand.  I was aware, in some corner of my mind, of the children involved in the sex industry in Thailand, but having my friend describe the conditions and then tell me what the drop-in center was doing to help, really struck a chord in my heart.  I am furious that children live in such horrific conditions and want to help the Fr. Ray Foundation as much as possible.  I am in the process of finding out if the foundation is a charity recognized by the IRS for tax purposes and am having a little difficulty.  I think the next step is to contact the Redemptorists — a Catholic Missionary Group responsible for the Fr. Ray Foundation — here in the U.S. and trace the path for donations through them.  I’ll get back to you when I have something more firm.  In the meantime, if you are interested, here is the website for the foundation. Fr. Ray Foundation

Here’s hoping you have made some thoughtful resolutions!

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Family Christmas Get Together

We just returned from the annual family Christmas get together — had a great time, as usual.  My sweet sister-in-law even did some research and found a flourless chocolate cake on the gluten-free goddess’ blog and made it so that Sunshine and I could enjoy dessert!  So thoughtful.   I was going to include the link to the recipe here, but looking at Karina’s Kitchen blog (aka the gluten-free goddess), I discovered that she has at least two flourless chocolate cake recipes, and I don’t know which one Sweet Sister-in-Law used.  So, if she reads this and wants to make a comment, she can let us all know!

I made some gluten-free gingerbread to take with us, but didn’t have the time to make the tart lemon sauce, so just whipped some cream to top the slices.  I used the recipe from Sans Gluten, S’il Vous Plait! Gluten-Free Holidays cookbook. > Gluten-Free Holidays I just love Gingerbread!

Oh, and for anyone who is interested – the Bittersweet Chocolate Pots de Creme I made for our Christmas dessert was fantastic!  Smooth, rich and creamy.  Sunshine was the only one to eat her entire ramekin-ful that night, the rest of us saved half and finished it last night.

Sorry no photos today – the camera was employed taking family photos all day.

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There is no way you will ever convince either of my girls that White Elephant Gift Exchanges are anything but awesome.

Last weekend, my younger daughter, Sunshine, went to her Sunday School Christmas party where they had a White Elephant Exchange. She came home vibrating with excitement about the gift she stole from someone else – a fully functioning 1980’s Hamburger Telephone! She couldn’t believe her luck, there was a rule that a gift could only be stolen three times; but no one else wanted the phone, so she got it! Now we need to install a phone jack in her room as it is the only bedroom in the house without one.

Two nights ago, my older daughter, Cheerleader, went to the Cheer Christmas party. I can’t believe what she came home with! Two white mice!!!!!!! And the girl who brought them to the party specifically purchased a male and a female! We thought the female looked poorly and might die before morning, but I think it turns out that she is just very young and was having a hard time keeping warm in the unusually cold weather we have been having. She has perked up and both mice seem determined to provide us with a batch of pink babies at the earliest opportunity! Again, Cheerleader was thrilled. She had stolen the gift from the Cheer Coach, who was the one to open the mice, and couldn’t believe her luck that no-one else stole them from her!

Not only do both girls think White Elephant Exchanges are fantastic — but I’m concerned, because they both are so excited about what they received, I’m afraid they have already peaked and any gift my husband and I give them on Christmas will be a letdown.

Algernon & Antoinette

Algernon & Antoinette

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