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Cheers! More Aprons!

Ruffle Apron

Ruffle Apron

I needed to get the sewing machine out of the dining room, so I had to finish the apron I started last week!  Here it is on Sunshine. 

No Baking today, actually no cooking, I just threw a salad together to go with the Turkey Enchiladas I made ahead for tonight.  Cheerleader is performing at the Boys’ Basketball game tonight, so dinner is haphazard as I want to go watch her.

Good thing I like sewing!  Sunshine is participating in a small time cheering event for a school competition and we found out last night that none of the skirts fit any of the girls.  Guess I’ll be making 6 cheer skirts in the next week or so.

I did make some delicious drop scones last night, Blueberry Drop Scones, from the Sans Gluten, S’il Vous Plait! Muffin and Scone book.  They were just what I needed with the Hamhock & Navy Bean Soup.

I’m going to try an Asian Noodle recipe again this weekend (it didn’t go too well last time I tried).  Depending on the results, I will post the recipe here afterward.  Stay tuned. . .


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